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Works Great on Mobile, Tablet and Desktop

Emergency Hound will work no matter where you are, anywhere in the world. Even in remote locations with no Internet access - Emergency Hound will continue to work and synchronize your data when you are back 'on the grid'.

Scales to Any Device
Keep Working Even When the Internet Isn't
Lightweight In-the-Field Tool
Data Synch When Internet is Available


Incident Preparation

Maintain resources, maintain responder certifications.

Maintain a listing of responders, including first aid, firefighters, emergency managers, volunteers. Cross reference individuals with required certifications. Depending on the resource type, diffierent fields can be tracked. Resources can be goods, locations (such as shelters), and individuals.

Incident Response

Collaborate in the field while responding to an incident

When in the field, you don't have time for cumbersome data entry screens. Emergency Hound synchronizes essential information to your mobile device and allows you to quickly collaborate with others in the field. Instant notification allows all responder to quickly assess incident changes as they occur.

Multi-jurisdiction Collaboration

Multiple jurisdictions can use the application simultaneously and have complete control over which data can be accessed by other jurisdictions.

  • Multiple jurisdictions
  • Multiple agencies
  • Mutliple roles

Scalable and Flexible Technical Architecture

Based on FEMA's NIMS model, build using EPA Exchange Network technologies. Using REST Web services to communicate.

Available Fall 2015